bathroom wall tiles

People can go on for hours about their ideas for a dream home. But if you were to ask, “How about the bathroom?” many may blink at you as though you were talking in a foreign language! It is a great pity that for many of us, a bathroom is just a utility. But it is gratifying to note that there has been a change in the trend over the years. If designed correctly, your bathroom can change the entire ambiance of your home.

Besides the obvious sanitation functions, nowadays a bathroom serves many purposes. It is a place where you go to blot out your tears and touch up your makeup, a quiet refuge from the worries of your daily life. A luxurious bathroom is also a mark of your social status.

There are many points to keep in mind while designing a bathroom. Below are a few points to note, concerning bathroom wall tiles.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Look Before You Choose

Before you rush off to choose your wall tiles, have a look at the floor tiles you have chosen for the bathroom. Your tiles should not clash with one another, but rather, they should be complementing. Also, keep in mind the general layout and fixtures that you have planned for the bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

It’s All in the Size

We are not talking about the size of each tile, but rather the size of your entire bathroom. You may have the floor space for a lavish bathroom, with a tub and steam shower. Or, it might be a simple affair with just the basic necessities. Keep in mind the size of the room and the size of the fixtures that you want to use, while choosing your tile.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

Select with Care

There are myriad types of tiles available in the market today. Porcelain, ceramic, natural stone and glass are the main varieties that you can choose from. You can also try out gloss finish and matt finish tiles. Keep an eye on your budget and remember your lifestyle while you choose your bathroom wall tiles.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

A Matter of Dimensions

You will be surprised by how much the size of a single tile can change the entire look and feel of your bathroom. Go for smaller tiles if you prefer a traditional outlook, but choose larger tiles if you want a contemporary style. You can also do a mix up of the various sizes and draw attention to key features, giving a unique effect to your bathroom.

 Bathroom Wall Tiles

Bring Out the Colors

Who doesn’t like a splash of color in their home? Your imagination is your limit when it comes to deciding on the color of your bathroom wall tiles. Choose your colors smartly, so that you can bring out the best features in the bathroom. You can arrange the colors in such a way that the overall effect is that of a beautiful design.

Styles in Tiling

Styles in Tiling

Tiling your bathroom walls does not mean that you have to tile all over. Complete tiling gives a modern outlook to the bathroom. You can restrict your tiling to those walls that have fixtures on them or you can opt to tile only up to a certain height. It all depends on the kind of ambiance you are looking for in your bathroom.

Bathroom Wall Tiles

The Canvas Matters

Many think that as soon as the tiles are chosen, the job is over. No matter how well you have chosen, you will never get the desired effect unless you make certain the walls are prepped well before tiling. Ensure that your walls are all even before you start tiling them.

Remember the above tips, the next time you go about designing a bathroom. Liven up your dream home with a beautiful bathroom.


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