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Above cost doesn’t include Labour charges to install these fittings. Average cost of a new bathroom in Delhi & Gurgaon is 25000 Rs, which includes cost of fittings and labour charges. Cost of repairing a bathroom ranges between 8000-10000 Rs per bathroom, depending upon whether you are re-doing your wall tiles or not.

Plumbing Fittings Brands

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Bathroom Leakage Repair

Tackling the water leakage from upper floor

Have you ever wondered why the ceilings generally start dripping over time and become damp?  Well, it’s a common problem faced by many. Before getting to the solutions, it’s important to understand the reasons for leakage.

The problem arises from the bathrooms on the floors above. The first step  to find the cause of leakage is inspect the bathroom on the upper floor. You can ask your neighbour living above to cooperate in the inspection, if live in an apartment. In either case, the bathroom’s main water line should be checked for any damage. Next, check the bathroom fittings – including the taps, faucets and pipes. Finally, check the drainage line in the bathroom. Generally water leakage is caused by one of the aforementioned reasons. Once the leakage is identified, you should remove the tiling from the floor and walls of the bathroom. It is necessary as the tiles become weak due to water absorption. Before re-laying the tiles, don’t forget to implement waterproofing. Waterproofing helps in solving the problem of leakage permanently.

Sometimes, you will observe that the leakage is coming from a very narrow area, or a fixed point on the ceiling. This is due to the failure of drain trap of the bathroom on the floor above. You should immediately call a plumber to look into this. This requires changing of the trap along with fixing the whole drainage line. You can also install an additional P trap or an S trap, depending upon the space available, to avoid this situation in the future.

In very few cases, the fixtures deteriorate and cause leakage. The solution ‒ replace the fixture along with all the attached pipes. Diverters, shower faucets are some examples which can corrode, resulting in the water leakage.

Lastly, you should check that all CPVC pipes are tightly connected to the fixtures, and no connections are loose.

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  1. Awesome post to share. This is a useful share. Thank you for sharing these Rates of Plumbing Fittings. This will give idea to all the people who are planning fir their home remodel including me. Redesigning your home is a cumbersome and expensive project. The final outcome of your home improvement will rest on the home enhancement contractor you choose to entrust the work to.

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