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Cement is a binder used in construction that binds other materials together. It is an elementary component of concrete, mortar and grout. It is most frequently used in the concrete manufacture

  • One-store home is naturally 800-1000 sq. ft
  • Construction cost ranges from Rs. 350-450/sq. ft.
  • Cement price equals almost 8-17% of total construction cost

What is concrete?

Concrete is a complex material comprising of aggregate (gravel & sand), cement, and water. In terms of construction material, concrete can be mould in almost any desired shape, and once toughened, can become an operational (load bearing) element. Cement may be grey or white.

Types of Cements: –

  • Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)
  • Portland Slag Cement (PSC)
  • White cement

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Grades of cement:

OPC43, OPC53

OPC stands for Ordinary Portland Cement and is graded as per their strength. The grade specifies the compression forte (mpa) of the concrete that will achieve after 28 days of setting.

It is formed by crushing clinker with appropriate quantity of gypsum to desired distinction. From time to time certain performance enhancers are further to progress features of concrete made from it.


• Produces extremely robust and sound concrete because of low proportion of alkalis, chlorides, magnesia and lime in its configuration.

• Nearly insignificant chloride content results in limiting corrosion of concrete edifice in intimidating atmospheres.

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Portland Pozzolona Cement (PPC)

PPC is manufactured by inter-grinding well-burnt OPC Clinker with gypsum and pozzolanic materials like power-station fly ash or silicious earths


• Higher durability of concrete structure due to less absorptivity of water.

• Extra resistance towards the attack of alkalies, sulphates, chlorides, chemicals.

• Healthier work ability.

• Low heat of hydration.

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Uses and applications:

53 grade OPC cement is used in areas where initial strength such as in RCC and pre stressed concrete work.43 Grade OPC cement commonly used in plastering, Non-RCC structures, pathways etc where initial setting time is not of importance

Brands: –

Birla Cement, Ultra tech Cement, ACC Cement, Zuari Cement, Coramandel Cement, Ramco Cement, Dalmia Cement

Cement price :-

OPC 43JK Lakshmi35550 kg
ACC37450 kg
Jaypee34550 kg
OPC 53ACC373-42550kg
White cementJK white271kg
Birla white1515kg

Popular products

Product ImageDescription  
Ultratech OPC cementultratechopcIt is most commonly used product.Applications include ordinary, standard, high strength concrete works
Ultratech PPC cementultracementppcIt is an OPC cement blended with materials such as fly ash, calcined clays etc
JAYPEE CEMENT (PPC)jaypee ppcIt helps to produce better concrete and comprehensive strength which keeps on growing with time.It promotes workability in fresh concrete with less water and have high yield strength
Jaypee cement OPC 43Jaypeeopc431)top choice of Engineers and Engineering Companies engaged in construction of mega projects – such as National Highways, Bridges, Transmission lines, power plants, Industrial and Residential structures.
JK white cementjk white1)J.K. White Cement is the second largest manufacturer of White Cement in India
2)It can be used in numerous decorative & architectural applications in white, light & dark colors.

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