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Indian market has a variety of sanitary product brands selling entire range of bathroom accessories. These include wash basins, sinks, water closets, bath-tubs, showers and faucets. The most common brands are Roca, Cera, Toto, Hindware, Parryware, Somany, HR Johnson, Grohe, Duravit, Kohler and Jaquar. While Roca, Toto, Grohe, Duravit and Kohler are foreign brands, the rest are Indian manufacturers.

Bathtubs haven’t been very common in India, but are becoming trendy with modernization, increasing incomes, and rising focus on luxury.

There are different kinds of bathtubs available in the market. Few characteristics of available bathtubs are explained below:

Corner Bathtubs

This type of bathtub is placed in the corner, as understood from the name. The length of the bathtub is between 5 feet to 6 feet. Size selection of the bathtub depends on the size of the bathroom. A bigger bathroom can certainly accommodate a bigger bathtub.

Central Bathtubs

Central bathtubs which are placed centrally in the bathroom. These bathtubs are not attached with any bathroom wall. They are generally used in bigger bathrooms.

Bathtubs also come in different materials. Most widely used material type is Polytec material. Polytec bathtubs are made in an acrylic mould. Earlier people used to build bathtubs using tiles when these modern bathtubs were not available in the market.

Standard Bathtubs can cost between ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. Brands available in this range are Cera, Jaquar and HR Johnson. Premium range bathtubs from brands like Roca, Toto can cost upto ₹1 Lac. Further, if you are interested in putting a hot-tub system (commonly known as Jacuzzi, a famous hot-tub brand), it will cost you more. Hot tub systems start from ₹60,000 and can go up to ₹2 Lacs.


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