Paint One Wall With Your Chosen Colour

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There are different types of paints available in the market. Few commonly used types of paint are Texture Paints, Lustre Paints, Plastic Paints.

Texture painting is done usually on a single wall in a room. Texture Paint Cost starts from Rs. 90 per litre, and life is around 5 yrs.

Lustre paints are highly advisable. They are oil based which makes them washable.

Plastic paints are water based and have low wash ability. However, plastic paints are economical and have a smooth finish.

Best paint for walls are long lasting and durable. House paint color is chosen by home owner, however sometimes architect and interior designer also suggests colors.

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House Paint


Tips for Painting your House

Painting should normally be scheduled in non-rainy seasons. However, if this is to be done in rainy season, then blower fan or halogen lights should be arranged by the contractor to facilitate drying.
The paint must be thinned as per the instructions are given by the manufacturer to ensure adequate viscosity for application.

The contractor should apply masking tape before painting the wall towards on the edges of the window, glass etc. Masking tape should be removed before the final paint coat dries off to avoid peeling a paint layer.

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Calculating the cost of Interior & Exterior Painting

Painters use a fixed thumb rules to estimate the cost they will charge for painting your house. Similarly you can also get an idea before painting your house.

-First step is to figure out the carpet area of your room

-Multiply the area of your room by 4, which will give you paintable area (approximate)

-Multiply the paintable are with rate per square feet to get the total cost


Suppose your room area (carpet area) is 500 sq.ft. Then your total paintable area, which includes 4 walls and ceiling, is equal to 500 x 4 = 2000 sq.ft. Now taking standard rates of painting in Delhi NCR as 30 Rupees per sq.ft. you can get the total cost which is equal to 2000 x 30 = Rs 60,000

This was the calculation for interior painting, in a similar way you can estimate the cost of exterior painting by taking a factor multiplying factor of 2.5 and taking the whole carpet area of your house.

Another detailed approach to calculate your paintable area is to take dimensions of your doors and windows and subtract their area from the total surface area of room. This is more direct approach however requires a lot of efforts.

Other materials required for painting


It is made by mixing putty powder and enamel. (Ratio as per company recommendation or painter’s experience)


It is made by mixing 50% primer with 50% enamel.

The primer coat serves the following purposes:

  • it ensures better adhesion of putty to the surface,
  • ensures better adhesion of paint to the surface,
  • increases paint durability,
  • ensures better visibility of imperfections which should be attended,
  • smoothens the surface, and
  • fill the porosity of the surface which increases the spreading capacity of the paint.

POP Vs wall putty application

Plaster of Paris (POP) is used to fill the major undulations or big repairs. Thereafter wall putty is done to make the surface even and smooth by filling minor cracks and surface imperfections.

Rates of Primer

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Rates of Putty

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Paint Brands & Products

Most popular products of Asian Paints

-Asian Paints Royale Luxury, Asian Paints Ace Exterior, Asian Paints Tractor, Asian Paints Texture

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Most popular products of Berger

-Berger Easy Clean,

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Most popular products of Dulux

-Dulux Weather Shield Sun, Dulux Velvet Touch Emulsion, Dulux Super Smooth Interior

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Most popular products of Nerolac

-Nerolac Beauty Silver Interior,

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