What is MCB?

Miniature Circuit Breaker (MCB) is present in all modern houses and apartments. In India, it is also commonly known as a distribution box. Earlier, when MCB were not there, a 32 A double-pole (DP) switch was used for switching the power supply on-off.

A special room called meter room is present in all apartments, which comprises of switch boxes. The power coming from the main line passes from the meter room to the MCBs of the apartment. All the live wires connected to the MCBs are either concealed underground or inside the walls. The MCBs control the electric connection to each room in an apartment. Sometimes a separate connection/switch is given for ACs.

Working of MCB

As the name suggests, MCBs break or trip the connection when excess current passes through them. Consider a case of short-circuiting ― during such events the MCBs break the circuit, stopping the flow of dangerous levels of current into your apartment. Such levels of current can damage the electronic appliances in your apartment.

Generally, MCBs are placed in the passage area. One of the key reasons for this placement is that people don’t prefer a large box of switches inside the house. Secondly, it also messes with the interior design of your house. The copper wires coming out from the MCB box are concealed in your room walls. Earlier, this connection was made by fixing the wires on the wall with the help of clips.


MCB Panels

Just as simple MCBs are used in residential properties, panels are used in commercial properties such as offices, malls, and restaurants etc. MCB Panels are specially designed to handle heavy current load. In case of panels, the power is carried through cables instead of concealed wires. These copper wire cables are usually tied for easy handling.

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