Bathroom Essentials & Accessories

In bathrooms, the walls are generally covered with wall tiles (also called Dado), which start from floor level and may go up to the ceiling. Besides wall tiles there a water closet, a wash basin, a mirror, taps and shower faucets. While these all are functional elements, bathrooms also consist of several accessories. Brush and comb stands, soap holder/dispenser, toilet paper holder, towel racks/ rods, robe hooks are some commonly used accessories. Some spacious bathrooms also have separate shelves to keep clothes.

Choosing a brand for your bathroom fittings can be a huge pain because of lack of information about price, specifications and quality. Taking a cue from popular choices on our marketplace, we will recommend you the right brands to purchase.

Most customers want good quality work which is worth their money. The budget does play a role but still the focus is on quality. Top quality brands such as Roca, Toto, Grohe and Kohler have some of the finest products but are costlier. Coming down a little on the price range, we have Jaquar, Cera and Hindware which is economically suitable for medium budget customers.

An average price for a fitting can range between ₹1000–₹25000. Another information crucial for customers is warranty period. Products manufactured by top brands generally come with a warranty of 6-7 years.


Kitchen Essentials & Accessories

A kitchen generally has a counter slab covered by natural stone (marble/granite), also called countertop. The sink area consists of a stainless steel kitchen sink along with taps. Provisions should be made for electronic appliances used in the kitchens such as a water purifier, a microwave, and a refrigerator.

Modular kitchens are widely used these days, it starts from ₹50,000 and can go up to ₹10 lacs. Modular kitchens are in trend nowadays because of their overall appeal to young apartment buyers and home owners.



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