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Your personal life resides in your master bedroom. It’s the place where you wake up, sleep, think, talk and love. Colors have been a very important part of a person’s life in both setting the mood and in being a catalyst to drive a particular mood. Painting ideas are therefore extremely important to have a perfect master bedroom. Let’s run you through a line of painting ideas that’ll contour your life with happiness.

Bedroom Paint Ideas - Red

The Muted Red Room

Red can be a very nice color if it is your favorite, but if not used with a proper tone and hue, it can actually be very stimulating and overdo everything. So, what to do? It’s always advised to use a muted tint of red, preferably on the wall with the headboard of the bed. The rest of the walls can take a very light cream or peach paint, in order to tone down the air and give it a fresh tinge. Wooden furniture and large windows can ornament a muted red room even more.

Bedroom Paint Ideas - Black & Grey

The Black and Grey

Black can be a great color, if it’s combined with white or grey and a small piece of wall art like a tree or birds. Balancing black with touches of turquoise or yellow can also make a wonderful amalgamation of both class and spring. If grey is used, one can always experiment with ceiling lights and table lamps to give positive impulse to this romantic room.

Bedroom Paint Ideas - Wooden Shades

The Vintage Blue and Wooden shades

Many brown shades that give the appearance of wood are coming out as common choices today. These colors when combined with vintage blue and white are the most sophisticated shades that can add both perspective and style to your living space.

Bedroom Paint Ideas - Sunflower Yellow

The  Muffled Sunflower Yellow

A muted yellow is making its way in bedrooms these days. Bordering the wall with bottle green, with the opposite walls as yellow and white can make your room look really fresh. Bright yellow or dirty yellow should be avoided, for it tones down the activity of the room, making it dim. The muffled sunflower with tinge of bottle green can make your master bedroom look refreshing.

Bedroom Paint Ideas - Mauve

The Soft Mauve

Mauve is the color for master bedroom and not just a simple room. It adds a very elegant kind of grandeur to your room. When combined with grayish silver lamps, it can be a perfect site that evokes a sense of luxury and a touch of mystery.

Bedroom Paint Ideas - White

The All White

White always has a fresh and bright appeal to it. It never looks ‘too bright’ and at the same time is brightly dawn-ish and hence keeps the positive air flowing in the room. An all-white room always looks good, if it is combined with lighter shades of blue, purple or pink (by painting color on a single wall, through wall art, or by getting contrasting furniture). Lighting can do wonders in an all-white room and one advantageous thing is that you can use any bed sheet and it would look amazing.

These fresh painting ideas can colour your personal life and add what’s needed for a master bedroom – ‘mastery and class’. So, stroke it on your wall and have a great colour in your master bedroom.

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