RMC price

Ready-mix concrete is manufactured in a factory as per set recipe and then delivered to a work site by truck with in-transistor mounted. Concrete mixture is developed in precise ratio. This manufactured concrete delivered to the customer’s construction site in a freshly mixed state.There are various companies which manufacture RMC that’s why RMC price varies as per brand and quality of material used.


Advantage of Ready-Mix Concrete: –

  1. High speed construction- In case RMC is using Speed of construction is very high.
  2. Reduce wastage of cement :- RMC helps in reduction of cement consumption by 10 to 12 %  because of better handling and perfect mixing.It is also environment friendly as wastage is reduced.
  3. In RMC, bulk cement is used in place of bagged cement.The results is that we have lesser dust pollution.
  4. Minimizing of human error and reducing labor dependency.
  5. There is no need of space for storing materials like coarse and fine aggregate, cement, water.

Disadvantage of Ready-Mix Concrete: –

  1. Transportation of the materials from the plant to site is the critical factor that must be kept on time because batching of material and mixing of the material is done at plant site only.


RMC price

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RMC priceRMC priceRMC price


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