Carpet Area Vs. Super Built-Up Area

Most of the times, the jargons that real estate agents throw at you, may leave you staring at them blank-faced. It is always a better idea to educate ourselves with these confusing terms, to avoid further disorder and perplexity. The most common terms you may come across are Super Built-Up Area and Carpet Area. However, understanding these technical terms is not as confusing as it seems.

Carpet Area vs. Super Built-up Area

Super Built-Up Area

  • What is Super Built-up Area?

Super Built-up Area basically is the sum of built-up area and common areas proportioned to a unit. Built-up area is the carpet area plus the thickness of the walls. Common area is basically the area in a building which is available for common use, like lobbies, staircases and elevators.

However, what you should really know and keep in mind is, the builder charges you on super built-up area and that is also the reason why it is called, ‘Saleable Area’.

  • How to calculate the area of Super Built-up Space?

Let us consider that you have a built-up area of 2000 sq. ft. and a common area of 1000 sq. ft. So, all you have to do is add the built-up area and carpet area, which will give you the area of the Super Built-up space. In this case it would be; 2000 + 1000 = 3000 sq. ft.

Let us assume that the rate per sq. ft. is 1000 INR and you have 3000 sq. ft. of land. Then in this case, you will have to multiply your total built-up area with the rate per sq. ft.

In this case it would be, 1000 * 3000 = 3000000 INR.

So, you should be aware of which part the builder is including under common area to avoid the chances of spending more money.

Super Built-up Area

Carpet Area

  • What is Carpet Area?

As the name suggests, Carpet Area is the area of the property where you can lay your carpet. It also means the area of the apartment minus the inner thickness of the wall. However, it doesn’t include common area like lift, lobby and staircase, play area, etc. So, it is the actual area you can get for using as a housing unit.

  • Why you should focus on Carpet Area?

The Carpet Area will give you the actual idea of the space you can have inside the apartment. If you focus on the Carpet Area, you will be able to understand the usable areas, like, bedroom, kitchen, etc. However, be aware while talking to the builder, as a lot of builders don’t even mention the Carpet Area and charge on the basis of Super Built-up Area or Built-up Area.

  • How to calculate the total Carpet Area?

Carpet area is usually the 70% of Built-up Area. So, whatever the Built-up Area is, you just have to take out 70% of it.

For better understanding, let us do another math. Assume that your Built-up Area is 1500 sq. ft., so your Carpet Area should be 70% off 1500 sq. ft., which is in this case 1050 sq. ft.

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