While thinking about renovating your bathroom, the first thing to keep in mind is how the water enters your home. Properly handling all water supply pipes is very important so that they don’t get damaged while renovation. Renovation can involve changing your bathroom fittings such as sanitaryware, taps, faucets, and traps. One must be careful to prevent the damage to water pipes while replacing these fittings with new ones.

The solution is simple, you don’t have to worry as stopping water flow to your home can be done in one simple step. You just have to locate the water valve, a ball–shaped device which can be found easily on the main supply pipe. Rotating that ball valve will shut off the water supply.

Sometimes home owners find it hard to locate the plumbing valve that controls the water supply. In such cases, home owners should contact a plumber to solve this issue. A plumber or plumbing contractor would check if the main valve is located in your house or not. If the contractor is not able to locate it, the plumbing contractor will first switch off the water-supply from the tank on the terrace. You must inform all your fellow family members/ tenants that water-supply has been put off for some time. After cutting off the main supply to your home, the plumber will use a Butch stopper to fix the connection from the main line.

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It is advisable to use a rotating valve in the main line to avoid the hassles of calling and supervising a plumber during the renovation. You can choose various types of valves available in the market at different prices and of different brands. Some of the commonly purchased brands are Ashirvad, Polypack, Astral, etc

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