A place built keeping in mind Vastu Shastra provides peace, harmony, success and a disease-free environment. If you aspire to have such positive energies flowing in your home, try out these tips for a healthy and happy living!

  1. De-Clutter: It’s not just because I am writing this blog, but I have personally experienced that if I keep unnecessary stuff in my room – be it old newspapers, magazines, bills, stationery or anything extra that I no longer use, it creates a clutter or confusion in my head. In fact, such items carry negative energy that stagnate my life besides not letting me get a sound, peaceful sleep. And so claims the Vastu! Which is why it’s important to get rid of the clutter as soon as possible.


  1. Mirror Effects: Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, irrespective of whether the mirror answers or not, its placement, especially in the bedroom, holds a lot of significance. According to Vastu, a mirror or a dressing table with a standing mirror should be placed at the side of the bed and not in front of it. This is done to prevent the reflection of one’s body in the mirror which is considered inauspicious and leads to bad dreams.


  1. Bathroom Rules: If your bedroom has an attached bathroom, you need to be extra cautious. You should not leave the bathroom or toilet door open after using it. As per Vastu, bathrooms and toilets have the energy of hell and can affect education, finances and health adversely. So take few more seconds to properly shut the door when you move out.


  1. Colours of Life: Vastu experts claim that colours play an important role in stimulating energy and in creating a balance in our mind and body. And since we perceive colours in our bedroom the moment we open our eyes, it impacts us all the more. So try using soothing colours on bedroom walls and soft furnishings. Pinks, rosy reds, light blues and light browns are great for the bedroom. Light lavender shades ensure a sound sleep.


  1. Sleepwell: Have you ever considered knowing which side of the room is the best for a sound sleep? Well, if you have not been following it yet, Vastu suggests sleeping with head in the South or East direction of the bedroom. While South ensures a sound sleep with a long life, East ensures enlightment. Also, avoid sleeping with a window behind you.


Try following some of these simple Vastu tips and see if it changes your life in any way.

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