Whenever you start planning you kitchen renovation, understanding the concept of the ‘Kitchen Work Triangle’ will guide you in deciding the final design for your kitchen. Generally people focus more on making their kitchen aesthetically appealing and ignore the need to make it functionally more effective.

Consider what a routine work looks like in kitchen:
-you store your spices and other food items in the cabinets
-you cook on your stove or in microwave
-finally, you wash your utensils in the sink

Modular Kitchen

So the kitchen work basically revolves around three main tasks – Storing, Cooking & Cleaning. When one moves from one task to another, she generally forms a triangle by her movement. Hence we call it the ‘Kitchen Work Triangle’. While renovating you can decide to move kitchen accessories like the sink or the stove. Moving these accessories changes the position of these tasks and hence the triangle is disturbed.

Therefore, it is very important that the new design provides ample space between these 3 task-spaces for effective kitchen dynamics. Imagine yourself preparing a meal, now you will have to switch between these 3 tasks swiftly, and without any hassle.

The basic guidelines are very simple ― avoid putting these work spaces far from each other and in congested corners of the kitchen. Avoid placing kitchen cabinets or utensils’ stand across this Triangle.

Taking care of these design elements will help you build a beautiful kitchen. Furthermore, it will make your kitchen a delightful and comfortable space to cook and work in.


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